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Edie Fraser

CEO, STEMConnector

Edie Fraser is CEO of STEMconnector™ and Senior Consultant to Diversified Search. STEMconnector is the organization whose mission is –to be THE information resource and produce STEM results and connections with STEM Leaders in every sector. The mission is to bring Education, Research, Resources, Best Practices, Communications and Outreach – and provide resources such as the web site, 100 CEO Leaders in STEM, 100 Women Leaders in STEM, STEMdaily, EdTech Weekly Report and STEM Results. STEMconnector works with business, academia, government and non-profit organizations and media entities. Formerly, Ms. Fraser built three best practices initiatives: Diversity, Women and Corporate Communications. Each of these units shared business, government academic and non-profit research and resources to insuring best practices and information sharing. STEMconnector® cover 6200 organizations and have c. 100 paid members. One of the 2013 programs being launched is Million Women Mentors(MWM)

Edie worked with more than 250 Fortune companies on women and diversity leadership and with several hundred associations. Edie was Founder and CEO of Diversity Best Practices (DBP), a member service for diversity practitioners. Edie ran a communications agency in earlier years. Again best practices and leveraging of major reports proved the essence of the work.

Edie has written or served as publisher of many books, papers, and articles. Examples include the CEO Magazine, The Diversity Primer and The Diversity Officer. Edie wrote a book, Do Your Giving While You’re Living, with co-author Robyn Spizman and another on Women’s Entrepreneurship.
She is proud of her relationship with Diversity Woman and honored to be a recipient of the Mosaic Woman Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. Edie has won 43 major awards in Leadership and Innovation, Diversity and Women’s Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communications. She is the first woman to serve as Chairman of the World Affairs Council of DC and served on the national board of SCORE. She has been inducted into the Enterprising Women Hall of Fame and a Founding member of C200. Edie was on the cover or Women of Wealth Magazine for her philanthropy and mentoring and received more than 43 Leadership awards for women, diversity, STEM and Leadership.

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