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Jackie Guerra

Mosaic Woman Trailblazer

Actress, Author and Talk-Radio Host

Emmy Award-winner Jackie Guerra brings her charm, humor, and style to every project she takes on. This multi-talented woman is an actress, author, television personality, talk-radio host, political consultant and designer. Her down-to-earth approachability, compassion, wisdom, humor, confidence, and style give Jackie an instant familiarity that draws people to her – and, of course, there’s the laugh.

Her unlikely yet destined success as a comic opened doors in Hollywood and she soon became an established film and TV star. Guerra was the first Latina in the United States to star in a network sitcom—First Time Out. She also co-starred in the critically acclaimed PBS series American Family in addition to co-starring roles in feature films including a turn as Jennifer Lopez’s drum playing sister in the Warner Bros. biopic Selena and opposite Woody Allen in Picking Up the Pieces. Jackie’s “life-of-the-party” personality made her the obvious choice to host the Style Network’s You’re Invited. After an appearance on Celebrity Hobbies where she showcased her lifelong passion for designing and making jewelry she was immediately tapped to host the DIY Network’s Jewelry Making. On her eponymous talk-radio show, The Jackie Guerra Show (Air America, Jones Radio Networks), Jackie produced and hosted hundreds of hours of talk-radio where she interviewed everyone from Presidential Candidates, elected officials and celebrities to ordinary people doing extraordinary things (her personal favorite).

From her humble yet stubbornly ambitious childhood as a “Mexican-American Valley Girl” to her work as a stand-up comic, TV star, film actress, author, activist, jewelry designer, motivational speaker and talk radio host, Jackie Guerra’s life has been one of constant reinvention and invaluable lessons – the insights she’s picked up along the way served as inspiration for her best selling book; Under Construction: How I’ve Gained and Lost Millions of Dollars and Hundreds of Pounds (Penguin/NAL). It’s a funny and self-empowering memoir for anyone looking for a little inspiration and words of wisdom the old-fashioned way, learning from your mistakes.

It comes as no surprise that the woman who blends equal parts talent and compassion to create her unique mix of celebrity would take her own 170-pound weight loss and turn it into an opportunity to help others suffering from obesity.

Her determination and enthusiasm has enabled her to lose and keep off over 170 lbs. and quit a-pack-a-day smoking habit, “I never knew before that life could feel this good.” She has parasailed through South Beach, Miami, climbed to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán, Mexico and crisscrossed the country to motivate audiences to think, laugh and do something about the quality of their lives. Jackie’s candid approach to life is the perfect combination of hope and inspiration that makes her an audience favorite “I want this freedom and this feeling for everyone.” Jackie understands the work, courage and dedication to transform a life, because she’s revolutionized her own. It is thrilling for her to see others do the same.

Jackie is determined to make life healthier, happier and more exciting for everyone. Throughout all of her many career incarnations, she has always kept her focus on making a difference and helping everyone to have fun, laugh a lot and be great.

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