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Nancy Dalton

Executive Coach, Barclays Global Head of Learning

Nancy Dalton manages the Learning and Quality Assurance strategy for the Barclaycard Operations footprint covering strategic business units in the United States, United Kingdom and Southern Europe. Her team is accountable for driving Customer advocacy, enhancing Colleague engagement, facilitating Cross-market innovations and delivering actionable Customer insights.

An industry veteran, Nancy has over 17 years of experience in banking with a deep Leadership background in Operations, Training and Development, Customer Experience and Fair Lending. She has led enterprise-level change initiatives at several Blue-chip companies including Barclaycard, Bank of America and Fleet Credit Card Services. She has played an instrumental role in transforming the Customer Experience and leading the charge in Barclaycard’s Complaints Mitigation efforts, which earned record Customer Satisfaction scores from users and increased Customer loyalty. Most recently, Nancy was recognized at Barclays Woman of the Year event for her contributions and commitment to the Customer journey.

Nancy holds an Honors Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Organizational Dynamics from Wilmington University. She is also heavily involved in several Community Outreach organizations serving on the Board of Directors for PUSH for Women and the Better Business Bureau.

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