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Steve Pemberton

Author and Divisional Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Walgreens

Steve Pemberton is Divisional Vice-President and Chief Diversity Officer for Walgreens, the first such person to hold that responsibility in the company’s 110 year history. Prior to assuming his role at Walgreens, Steve Pemberton was Chief Diversity Officer and Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion at Monster.com, the leading global online careers property. As Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion, Steve had end-to-end management responsibilities for the Diversity and Inclusion business unit which focused on helping employers diversify their workforce. Under Pemberton’s leadership, revenues in the business grew 60% while seeing commensurate levels of performance in managerial profit and customer satisfaction. During that same time, Monster grew to possess one of the most diverse audiences on the Internet which it in turn leveraged to revolutionize the way corporate America recruits and retains diverse talent. Pemberton is the first Chief Diversity Officer of an Internet company and has become recognized as one of the nation’s leaders on matters of diversity and inclusion and its importance to the growth of the American industrial complex. In 2006, Fortune named Pemberton one of the Top 20 Chief Diversity Officers in corporate America. In 2007, Pemberton was called to Capitol Hill to provide expert testimony on best practices in diversity recruiting and in 2008 he was named by Savoy as one of The Top 100 most influential African-Americans in corporate America. A ward of the state for much of his childhood, Steve has made opportunity, access and equality pillars of his personal and professional life. His memoir, A Chance in the World, is scheduled to be published by Thomas Nelson in the Spring of 2012. He currently serves on the boards of Citi Performing Arts Center, Home for Little Wanderers and National TRIO Alumni Association. Steve and his wife, Tonya are the proud parents of Quinn Gregory (11), Vaughn Ellis (9) and Kennedy Olivia (6).

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