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Susan Stith

Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Giving, Express Scripts

Susan A. Stith is the Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Corporate Giving at Express Scripts. Prior to joining Express Scripts, Susan was the director of Global Diversity and University Relations for Peabody Energy, where she was responsible for leading diversity and inclusion initiatives across the company’s global platform. Her responsibilities included developing Peabody’s diversity strategy, cultivating strategic partnerships with diverse organizations and communities, and establishing and implementing programs, processes, and metrics to attract, monitor, and retain a diverse talent pipeline and workforce. In addition, she chaired Peabody’s Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board for four years. Her other roles at Peabody Energy included director of Talent Acquisition and manager of Employee Relations.

Receiving her Bachelor of Science at the University of Missouri and then her Master of Arts at the University of Phoenix, Susan began her career in the buying department with Macy’s Midwest, Susan has held various sales, marketing, and management positions with organizations such as Procter and Gamble, Golden Books Publishing, and Chattem Consumer Products. She was also an adjunct professor in human resources and marketing with the University of Phoenix, has been a lead presenter at Linkage’s Summit on Diversity and a participant on numerous diversity and inclusion panels.

Susan manages and guides the Express Scripts Foundtion and is co-chair of the company’s enterprise-wide United Way campaign. She is an active board member of the United Way’s African-American Leadership Society, Cultural Leadership, Starkloff Disability Institute, the Arts and Education Council and the Family Resource Center. In addition, she serves on the Advisory Boards of the St. Louis Chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and Linkage’s Summit on Diversity.

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