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Tanya Odom


Tanya M. Odom, is a highly regarded consultant, coach, facilitator, teacher, writer, and thought leader.

Tanya’s unique portfolio career has allowed her to work in the education, private sector/corporate, not-for-profit/NGO, law enforcement, and university/college arenas.

In her role as a consultant/facilitator, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops for adults and youth around the United States and the world. She has worked as a consultant and facilitator focusing on areas including: Innovation and Creativity, Diversity and Inclusion, Teambuilding, Conflict Management, Educational Equity, Girls’ Leadership Development, Coaching, Coaching Women of Color, and Youth Engagement.

She is the co-author of “Evaluation in the Field of Education for Democracy, Human Rights and Tolerance.” Tanya wrote the Diversity column for Diversity Woman magazine. She also is a frequent contributor to Insight into Diversity and Workshifting.

Tanya is passionate about working with youth, and engaging youth in meaningful, relevant conversations. She has combined her diversity and youth focused work to work on projects in Northern Ireland, where she worked with Catholic and Protestant Youth, and in Israel, where she worked with Palestinian and Israeli youth on topics including bias, dialogue, community building, leadership, and self-awareness.

Trained as a coach by the Center for Creative Leadership, she is certified in the Hay Group’s Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. Tanya has also been trained in the Difficult Conversations methodology at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Tanya was on the faculty of the Human Resources Management program at Georgetown University, where she taught courses in the area of innovation and creativity. She has also taught at Princeton University, in the Junior Summer Institute, and has been an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College, where she taught graduate courses in the areas of Diversity, Leadership, and Team Development. She has also taught a course at the Center for Conflict Resolution at the University of Capetown in South Africa.

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