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Alan J. McMillan

Founder, LearnEarnRetire

Alan J. McMillan is the Founder of LearnEarnRetire, a firm that delivers critical development information for 18-24 year olds, usually in college, that helps them to navigate from Campus to Career to Financial Independence.

The work covers life and career skills typically not taught on campus. Their long range career objective; Building their personal brand; Building, nurturing and serving their network; Job search; Strategic selection from multiple offers; New role preparation; Early careermanagement; And all the while building toward their financial independence.

To accomplish this, the work spans getting a job, thriving in that role, and if they have a lapse of employment, getting re-employed with a role better than the one they just lost, all the while building toward financial independence, A.K.A. freedom.

He speaks to thousands of college students annually on campuses across America. He blogs frequently and is retained by Fortune 500 companies for both internal development and campus recruiting programs. He is active at HBCU’s focused on diversity recruiting. He has a syndicated column and is in the process of writing his first book.

Prior to LearnEarnRetire, Alan spent over 30 years in high tech as a five time VP of Sales, working at venture-funded start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies,both domestically and abroad. He spent 17 years in Silicon Valley. He has been involved in two IPOs and spent the last 10 years of his commercial career with EMC. He resides in Athens, Ohio with his wife and family where he is teaching adjunct in the spring at the Schey Sales Center at Ohio University.

Navigating From Campus to an Amazing Career

This workshop is focused on college students who will be volunteering and making this years conference happen as interns.

We will cover key skills to emerge from campus with multiple job offers aligned to your passion, that are economically viable.

We will cover personal branding. It is not so much what people say about you when you are in the room, but rather what they say about you when you are not in the room. The bigdecisions in your career are almost always made when you are not in the room. How you build your brand, in an intentional way that speeds your personal development.

We then move on to networking. The notion of how to build, nurture and yes, serve your personal network, and how your network is a big game-changer in your career. It is critical to do this with a processin order to connect and cultivate this vital career asset. In todays socially connected world, it is beyond traditional, physical networking, but virtual networking as well.

You take your brand, what you bring to the table, and combine it with the amplification potential of your network, both who you know and who they know, and put them into a high-activity, process-based job/intern search in order to get multiple offers.

We will end on tactics and strategies of working your next Job Fair on campus, how to stand out and make it the best one of your academic experience.

This is a combination of awareness on these topics, coaching and laying out action steps to be successful. We will combine this with a big dose of inspiration and motivation to make this coming semester the best of your academic career.

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