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Aparna Khurjekar

Vice President, Verizon Wireless - Network for the South Area

Aparna Khurjekar is Vice President, Verizon Wireless – Network for the South Area. In this role, Aparna is responsible for the wireless network in the South including the build out of the 4G LTE network.

Prior to her current role, Aparna was Vice President in the Global Strategy Organization. She was responsible for identifying new growth opportunities for Verizon and building new businesses in target verticals that leverage Verizon’s portfolios, platforms & capabilities across all VZ business units, while also connecting synergies between other concurrent strategic initiatives.

Earlier in her Verizon Wireless career, Aparna was Executive Director for VzW’s Machine to Machine (M2M) organization where she successfully led the establishment of VzW’s M2M practice from product, channels and sales support. Immediately after joining the company in 2008, she was instrumental in establishing the early direction and roadmap for this entrepreneurial group, organization alignment for Wholesale inclusion in Open Development, company-wide emerging devices strategy including the investment in nPhase, Verizon Wireless’ joint venture with Qualcomm, while enabling other eco-system partners and enablers in this space. Aparna led the Verizon M2M strategy and product organization and was responsible for the internal enablement and partnerships to spearhead Verizon’s leadership in this space.

Previously at Motorola until 2008, Aparna was Director, Technology Strategy in the company’s mobile device business. In her 12 years at Motorola, she did pioneering work on some of the marquee handsets that defined the evolution of the mobile experience worldwide – the first flip-phone, the first color-phone, the iconic RAZR, the first open OS phone, the cross-OS UI platform – in addition to productizing a number of new enabling technologies such as WiFi, NFC, VoIP, etc.

At Motorola, Aparna was recognized for her hands-on leadership in building and managing global development teams. She was an integral member of the company’s famed Six Sigma quality initiative, and established industry-leading quality and performance practices at the company’s new R&D site in New Jersey. In her last responsibility at Motorola, Aparna managed the company’s new markets and services roadmap, to enable value creation from newer emerging ecosystems.

Aparna joined Motorola as part of its acquisition of Philips Consumer Communications, a Joint Venture between Philips and Lucent Technologies. At PCC, Aparna did some seminal work in wireless signal processing, which ultimately resulted in the definition of next generation standards in handset architectures. Her wireless journey started as part of her Master’s thesis in CDMA, which was completed as a summer intern at Bell Laboratories in 1996.

In addition to her passion for wireless, Aparna has been a leading voice for women and young talent at Verizon and Motorola, and takes pride in her work ethic, which she encourages young new employees to adopt as the only way to grow the business and their career at the same time. An academic over-achiever since a young age, Aparna holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications, several national awards, a fellowship and a patent. Aparna was awarded the “Woman in Business – Leadership” award at Motorola for her lead in navigating her business through critical business project. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and 2 boys.

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