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Lois Cooper

Vice President, Corporate Development & Inclusion, Adecco Group North America

As Vice President, Corporate Development and Inclusion for Adecco Group North America, Lois Cooper is responsible for developing strategic partnerships and initiatives that support the organization’s business strategies and positively impact the bottom line.

Ms. Cooper has more than 20 years of professional experience in organizations across a variety of industries. Her career has included positions in the advertising, financial services and entertainment industries. In these positions she developed expertise in a number of areas, including change management, organizational design and development, and corporate social responsibility and inclusion.

Ms. Cooper has been named as a Top Executive by Uptown Professional Magazine for the last 4 years. She was selected as a 2009 Black Achiever in Industry by the YMCA of Greater New York. She is also a 2006 honoree of the Network Journal’s 25 Influential Black Women in Business Awards. She has been featured as Diversity Journal’s “Front-Runners” in Diversity Leadership Series 2006 and honored as one of Diversity Journal’s Women Worth Watching in 2007. Ms. Cooper is a featured speaker for the World Diversity Leadership Summit, and has spoken at various Conferences in the United States and globally. She has also been quoted in Diversity Spectrum, Diversity Best Practices’ Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Insights and other publications.

Ms. Cooper is currently participating in the Coach The Coach with ICF Certification through Lee Hecht Harrison. Her ICF ACC Certification is expected in 2015. She is also certified in Motif Notation, The Method for Recording Movement Concepts. Ms. Cooper received her BA from American University in Washington, D.C and her MBA from Baruch College in New York City.

Adecco Group respects, values and practices effective diversity management to capitalize on the strengths of a diverse workforce and continue to be a human resource industry leader. Partnerships with diverse suppliers position us as a leader in the industry. Working with a diverse group of employees with various backgrounds and perspectives creates a competitive advantage, and ultimately, global success.

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