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Thomas Murray

Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, EMC

Follow Tom Murray on Twitter: @TomJMurray3

As Chief Talent Officer, Tom is dedicated to defining EMC as “a people company in the technology business.” Under Tom’s leadership, the Global Talent organization attracts, retains and develops the people who drive EMC’s success.

Bringing together an award-winning architecture of Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development, Executive Coaching, Talent Management and Employer Branding, Tom leads a team of 300 professionals around the world. His work ensures that 47,000 employees around the world are able to contribute fully to EMC’s future.

Tom guides an extensive portfolio of talent investments, from establishing a vital presence at colleges and universities to recruiting executives for senior leadership roles. He has led the development and implementation of the company’s global talent strategy by: • Building a talent acquisition team to support extensive hiring in Europe and Asia Pacific.

• Growing the campus recruiting program as a source of 1400 new hires each year.

• Creating a new global mobility model to promote international career development.

• Increasing executive recruiting to draw additional top talent.

• Strengthening an inclusive workforce with additional outreach to diverse candidates.

• Expanding EMC’s Silicon Valley presence to 6,000 employees in six unique business units.

• Introducing global branding campaigns to tell the EMC story to multiple generations.

• Retaining, integrating and identifying emerging talent from new acquisitions.

• Leading company-wide talent reviews and succession planning.

• Evolving the employee Learning & Development suite to offer flexible, targeted education.

• Consulting with business leaders to raise organizational capability and performance.

• Designing a smart workforce analytics model to drive future decision making.

Tom graduated from Bates College and lives in the Boston area. He serves on the Board of Directors for Horizons for Homeless Children, one of the few organizations in Massachusetts focused exclusively on the needs of young homeless children and their families.

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